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Cancellations for 8/27/16


All Wilmington games

8 am, 9 am and 10 am Coal City games

(We always try to reschedule.  Coaches will be contacted if games are rescheduled.)


Picture Schedule

Pictures are at the MSA field on Sunday, August 28.  

Rain or shine

Morris United u15f & Morris United U11f pictures will be scheduled for another day.

1:10 U10 M2

1:30 U6 1

1:40 U6 2

1:50 U6 3 

2:00 U6 4 

2:10 U8 f2

2:20 U8 f1 

2:30 U8 m1

2:40 u8 m2

2:50 U10 f

3:00 U10 m1

3:10 U12 f

3:20 U12 m 

Weather Policy

Since the weather can be unpredictable, it's a good time to note our weather policies. Lightening delays a game for 30 minutes. If thunder is heard, lightening is near enough to strike, even if the storm is heading past and "probably won't hit here at all".  

Games delayed will play after the threat of severe weather passes. If the threat continues, Games can be canceled but only by the hosting club.  Games cannot be cancelled by the coach.  This is a forfeit.

This means if you are playing in Braidwood, and you don't get a call before you leave, drive there. Your game may still be playing!  

Some clubs will cancel games if their fields are flooding or the roads to their fields are flooding. We always try to reschedule missed games but this is not always possible.

Finally, as fall draws nearer, eventually it will bring a cold, icy rain. We play in rain, very cold rain and snow. Bring extra clothes. Prepare for the weather.  U6 games are usually done before the weather gets too chilly.  

For other weather concerns, please visit our FAQS page.  Thanks!

Still seeing last season's team page?

If you are not able to see the fall 2016 team pages, please look for a little button on the upper right side of your page. It should say 2016 Fall but yours might still be set to spring.  Click on the drop down portion of the menu and select this current season.  You should now be able to see the spring teams. 

U8 Girls at Braidwood Tourney

Great Job Ladies!

Down to the wire! 9 games, double OT, and a shoot-out finish.

Map to MSA Soccer Fields

1350 E Old Pine Bluff Rd, Morris, IL


Need Information about your Player's Division?

Please, check out the Coaching Resources tab on the left Menu. From there you will find informational documents specific for each division. There are also links to other resources online.

The more you know, the more you can help your player and then we will all have a great season!

Under Pressure

Practice dictates Performance

Job Opening

KVRA is looking for referees!!  We can start putting money in your pocket at the age of 12 while teaching you everything you need to know to become a qualified and in demand soccer official!  All ages welcome! Log on to and fill out the referee application, email Kevin at or call 630-669-7081 for more details!

KVRA Soccer

Click here for the referee application.